"Experiments are under way on 65,000 potted trees to address the upcoming challenges facing the tree-growing world."

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Elaboration of a new method for fighting Sharka

Sharka is one of the most feared viral diseases affecting stone fruits. If no preventive method is applied, the orchard will eventually  have to be uprooted since the disease spreads very rapidly. Sharka represents a true economic peril for producers.

Pépinières RISPE is elaborating new growing processes aimed at protecting trees from the outside environment and ensuring that producers receive disease-free trees. Early results are encouraging and healthy seedlings are already available for sale. The certification of seedlings is in the process of being issued by CTIFL (Technical Interprofessional Centre for Fruits and Vegetables).


Solutions against other diseases: Xanthonomas, PSA, ACLR, ...

Potted seedlings tested for PPV and other diseases are already available.

Certification is in the process of being issued.